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[We are hiring] Growth Intern

Company Description

“We bring you one step closer to the star. We care who you will be, not who you were. “

We envision that the leaders of tomorrow will not be founded by skills or knowledge, but that they can solve problems with innovative yet practical solutions in both personal and professional lives. Through providing tertiary and secondary schools with business problem-solving training and workshops, we hope to be the accelerator for their students’ growth and success. We have the pleasure to empower students from four universities, and we are eager to help more students be on track of success.

Please refer to for more information about our past programs.

Job Description

We are looking for the best to join our energetic team. We expect our paid part-time Growth Intern to take initiatives and deliver impactful results. If you are interested in joining Stargazers as a Growth Intern, you should:

  • Be a person of integrity and kindness;

  • Have the eagerness and curiosity to explore around uncertainties

  • Have the ability to solve problems using unconventional methods

  • Have completed at least two semesters in your bachelor programme

  • Excel in academics, preferably having a CGPA of 3.5 or above from a recognized university on a 4.0 scale (please state the GPA scale of your university if it is not on a 4.0 scale). There is no preference for your major programme.

As a Growth Intern, you would:

  • Assist in identifying and assessing opportunities for short- and long-term growth;

  • Research on market developments, trends, and innovations that impacts our growth directions;

  • Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide insights for informed decision making.

  • Work remotely with a flexible schedule.

As our intern, you would have the opportunity to attend exclusive one-to-one coaching sessions with management consultant and established start-up founders. We may also invite you to attend our external training sessions suitable for your growth and personal development.


If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and cover letter that highlights why you are interested and what you can bring to the team at

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