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Dive Into the New Age of Student Empowerment

Our Management Services for Universities

Management Services for Universities

Management services by Stargazers expand the capabilities of the educational institutions to provide a wider range of programmes for student empowerment. Stargazers is a trusted companion in the delivery of complex and large-scale projects which involve multiple interlinking stakeholders. We provide one-stop services from project initiation to execution and reporting.

Student-involved projects refer to those with students being part of the Executive Committee (ExCo). Stargazers has the unique capability to have meetings with students at non-office hours and with managers in the administrative office at office hours. In this way, students do not have to skip any lesson to enjoy being part of the project, while expectations and implementations between students and the office are aligned and reconstructed by Stargazers. Our service suite also includes recruitment and onboarding of student ExCo members, and their offboarding and re-recruitment if the projects spans across more than one academic years.

Office-led projects refer to those which are led by the administrative offices and student involvements are minimal. As a trusted companion, Stargazers is a stable manager with no turnover and ensures successful project delivery even if the admin manager in charge is absent or no longer serves in the office. We also handle the reporting procedures to external stakeholders such as the government. 

The pricing of management services is project-based with a lump-sum quotation. Given the long implementation time of the projects, we may propose additional optional services in the process if they are beneficial for the smooth delivery of the project impacts.

Case Study 2

Our team has managed a large-scale project funded by the government and led by a University for the empowerment of secondary school students. From marketing of the project to the reporting of the progress to the government, our team has provided one-stop services for project success. Communications with stakeholders such as parents, external supporting organization, internal team leaders, and student participants are also managed by our team. 

Case Study 1

We have managed an exposure-based programme to around 30 students from a University. Stargazers has ideated, proposed, implemented, and reported the project as part of our service package. Stakeholder management with external global organizations are handled by our team to alleviate the administrative pressure on the office in charge. Practices and reporting are standardized by our team to provide consistent review and feedback to the University and student participants.

We Provide Exemplary Services 

We offer management services to universities and secondary schools. Stargazers enables educational institutions to broaden their services for student empowerment. We aim to provide quality one-stop management from initiation to reporting while amplifying the impacts on student development. This is why we will suggest new ideas even if they are not on the original proposal.

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