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 Stargazers Consulting X CUHK Business school MiM

Last Friday, Stargazers Consulting held a 3-hour training workshop for students studying in the Masters in Management Programme (CUHK MiM) at CUHK Business School. We covered topics from visualization and slide design, presentation techniques, and analysing judges’ perspectives with 2 on-the-spot demo presentations to better prepare the students for their Capstone Presentation held next month.

Our trainer, Sonam C. W. also shared a lot of tips and techniques from his case competition experiences to shed light on topics such as overcoming the fear of public speaking, being well-prepared for Q&A using appendices, and a personal reflection throughout his journey.

We were surprised by the number of questions and enthusiasm the students showed during the Q&A session. We sincerely hope the workshop would empower MiM students to excel and have great achievements in their upcoming Capstone Presentation to an Indonesian conglomerate. Look forward to seeing you all on stage and Good Luck!


CityU BPCC Case Team Training 

Throughout the academic year 2019-2020, Stargazers Consulting has trained CityU’s Case Team, BPCC members with bi-weekly training workshops from slide design, case cracking, strategy, financials, and many more. We are happy to be the official case trainer and have nurtured and empowered many young, talented, and ambitious students from CityU.


This marks the end of our trainings, we look forward to meeting many more new faces and ambitious individuals in the coming year. Meanwhile, stay empowered and join more case competitions! Aim for the Stars, Reach for the Sky!

Stargazers X CityU Department of Marketi

CityU Department of Marketing Training 

We were more than happy to conduct a 3-hour training for the 70+ undergraduate and postgraduate students from City University of Hong Kong. As it was a week prior to the university’s internal case competition. We would like to thank Dr. Selina Wan, Head of CityU Marketing for the invitation.

Sonam C. W. covered various topics from the basics of a case competition, slide making skills, presentation techniques and other essentials to better prepare students in the one-day event. Throughout the training session, the students have gained more insights to case competitions and broadened their knowledge in some of the essentials and things to beware of ranging from teamwork, collaborating effectively and others. We were more than happy to see many freshmen who are curious and passionate about competitions!

If your faculty, department, or society is looking into practical and tailored sessions for your students. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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CUHK Business School Training 

The training series covered various topics related to project-based learning, with aims to provide CUHK students a better understanding and tips to excel. We were honoured to be invited by Professor Fred Ku, Assistant Dean of undergraduate studies from CUHK Business School to film a series of videos.

Sonam C. Wangchuk introduced topics from effective communication, presentation skills, and ideation. In light of student’s struggle with transitioning their knowledge gained from lectures to real-life projects, Sonam has also covered an important session that teaches students how to leverage on what they’ve learned in class to outside classrooms.

Ranita Tsz Yu Ma introduces topics from analysis, frameworks, and other methodology to analyse a problem and deliver a concrete yet effective solution for project-based learning. Ranita has compiled several solutions together with an example related to the CUHK campus for a better understanding.

Are you looking into practical training for your university, club, or department? Do not hesitate to reach out!

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CUHK Career Planning and Development Centre Sharing

From late-January to early-February, Sonam C. Wangchuk has conducted The Road to Champion Series sharing with The Chinese University of Hong Kong Career Planning and Development Centre. The series consisted of 3 sharing sessions: “Story of a CUHK Talent”, “Be a Professional Presenter (For Projects & Job Seekers)”, and “Be a Professional Presenter (For Competition Contestants)”, which aims to provide insightful knowledge and skills to CUHK students ranging from all faculties.

We would like to express our gratitude to CUHK CPDC for organizing the events. Looking forward to our next collaboration to empower more CUHK students on their career paths and unleash their potentials to pursue their dream careers!


OnGrad Partnership

The training series videos conducted by our consultants Sonam C. WangchukRanita Tsz Yu Ma and Jason Lo will be launched on OnGrad . We hope local talents would be able to develop greater understanding on slide-making, consulting strategies, and financial modeling through this video series.

Sonam C. Wangchuk introduced the various types of case competitions and shared with us the key-points of layouts along with methods of displaying statistics and graphics.
Ranita Tsz Yu Ma taught about the common case competition tools and frameworks.
Jason Lo presented us with different methods to obtain critical financial components such as CAGR, OPEX, and financial projections.

Students can take reference on award-winning samples to establish thorough understanding on those frameworks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity if you are interested!

Want practical training for your club or society? Want to excel in case competitions and projects? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Agorize Ace Your Next Student Challenge Workshop

We have held an interactive workshop for Agorize with students from all over the world. Not only were we able to empower the students with case cracking techniques, PPT design skills, and other useful tips, but we also had an opportunity to address the many questions from the student participants.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Agorize Team. We look forward to our next collaboration and help students aim for the stars!