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Stargazers Consulting X CityU Business Proposal and Competition Club, City University of Hong Kong Taster Session Recap 

We are more than happy to be back for the Taster Session for our 2022-23 Cohort. It was a pleasure to meet a lot of fresh and new faces from BPCC with more than 50+ attendees joining us in person. 

In our taster session, we’ve introduced what case competitions are, and how it can help students build their CV, skills and career at junior and senior level. Our trainer, Sonam Wangchuk introduced the many essential skills for students to win their first case competition from ideation, strategy formulation, making slides to presentation.

Stargazers Consulting hereby expresses our gratitude, and we are more than happy to support and train a new batch of young and competitive talents from BPCC, City University of Hong Kong. 

This year, we are glad to announce an expansion of one team to TWO teams, a junior division and senior division for students across all years.

We look forward to seeing your growth and progress after a year of training with us. Aim for the Stars!


Stargazers Consulting X CUHK MiM Capstone Project Training

How do we create a Presentation that rocks? What is the difference between presentations for Case Competitions or Real Corporate Clients? We are glad to have conducted a 3-hour workshop for all MiM students to better prepare for their Capstone Project. It can be intriguing, exciting and nerve-wrecking to deliver a professional presentation to a real client who is looking for real solutions to implement after the presentation.

In our 3-hour intensive training we covered topics from: General Presentation, Storyline Building, Script Writing, Team Effectiveness during Zoom Presentation, Individual Presentation Tips and Techniques for Q&A. It is very often for speakers to share their previous experiences and knowledge during workshops. Rarely do we see a preview of the scripts written, a complex-analysis to presentation materials to slides designed or psychological reasoning or intention when presenting certain parts.

The training was tailored and personalised to prepare all 60+ MiM Students for their Capstone Project Presentation. We wish all 10 teams the best of luck with your capstone corporate project and create the positive impact on the 5 functional areas for your client partner.

Last but not the least, Stargazers wishes all MiM students a great start to a new chapter of their lives as their fruitful journey is coming to an end. You all have grown tremendously from our pre-programme engagement and training!


Stargazers Consulting X Keio Business Club, Keio University

We are glad to mark a new beginning with Keio Business Club, Keio University. The 1.5 hour workshop was conducted through zoom on the topic ‘Strategy’. Our trainer Sonam Wangchuk covered all essentials from strategy in academic studies, for consulting projects and in case competitions. 

Some of the themes covered include: 
1. From Analysis to Strategy
2. Defining Problems to Formulating Strategies
3. Strategy through Slides 

It is often very difficult to visualize or come up with new ideas and solutions without in-depth industry knowledge or functional experience. Therefore, it is important that students are given an opportunity to think and practice what is taught in classrooms. The Strategy Workshop has provided the attendees an opportunity to solve complex problems with very limited time yet come up with logical and interesting ideas. 

We are now partnering with Student Societies & Clubs, Career Centers and Faculties across the globe for training, workshops and consulting programmes. If you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out at 


Stargazers Consulting X Career Advising Services, Lingnan University

We are pleased to have collaborated on creating a “Video Learning Series” for all 4000+ undergraduate and post graduate students from Lingnan University.

Our Video Learning Series will cover all essential topics to prepare you for the job market and be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills you need prior to your internship or graduate job. By providing students a head start and to fill the knowledge gap from academic studies to work and internships, we aim to serve students through real-experiences, real-knowledge and real-expertise across the 4 hours of our learning series.

As students will embark on their journey and begin a new chapter of their lives. We sincerely hope you will hard and be better prepared for the upcoming challenges ahead. Aim for the Stars!


Stargazers Consulting X Lingnan University 

It’s our pleasure to have completed all 8 workshops with Career Advising Services, Lingnan University (OSA) with more than 600+ active participants. Our trainer, Sonam W. covered the following themes:

1.     CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Creation
2.     Introduction to Case Analysis
3.     Responding to Interview Questions
4.     Business Practices 

We sincerely hope that the students are now better prepared for their interviews, internships and opportunities ahead of them. We are also amazed at how proactive and dedicated the students are with their career planning and journey ahead. Thank you for the trust you have with us and the questions you put forward throughout the 8 workshops, despite them being conducted virtually.

It is never too late to begin your journey, it is never too early to craft your story. Remember to aim for the Stars!


Stargazers Consulting X CityU Business Proposal and Competition Club, City University of Hong Kong

It’s a pleasure to see how our many BPCC team members from CityU has grown from September to our very first internal Case Competition, BPCC Cup. After an intensive training on case cracking, slide-making skills, presentation techniques, and financials, we are proud to welcome the three winners of the night:

1st Place – StarCatchers (Best Speaker: Michelle Lau) 
2nd Place – D.Fighters
3rd Place - Winter

Congratulations to all 10-teams who have participated in the competition. We look forward to helping you unleash your potential in future case competitions after a year of training with us. If you are interested in creating a #caseteam for your university. Do not hesitate to reach out!


Stargazers Consulting X Hong Kong Metropolitan University: Date a CEO Training 

We are proud to support HKMU students as they embark on a journey to shadow and learn from CEOs. It’s our pleasure to be invited by the Student Affairs Office to conduct a 2-hour workshop on Presentation Skills and Report Writing

Our first workshop: Presentation Skills covered storytelling, script drafting, body language while presenting to executives, and preparing for professional presentations and Q&A with CEOs.  

Our second workshop: Report Writing covered essentials from structuring and planning, using the correct phrases and tone, visualisation for professional reports and word trimming.

We wish students the best of luck, and a fruitful journey ahead as they shadow and learn from executives.


Stargazers Consulting X City University of Hong Kong, Department of Marketing 

It is a pleasure to collaborate once again with the Department of Marketing from City University of Hong Kong.

The 4-hour workshop held on 20th December has attracted more than 85+ participants from undergraduate and masters level. To better help students prepare for the department’s flagship case competition with, our trainer Sonam W has developed a tailored workshop to help students better understand the industry, and develop the necessary skills to crack a case in 24 hours. 

What did we cover in the four hours of training?
The different types of cases, and case competitions 
Two real company cases using a Step by Step approach 
Conducting extensive research, and formulating complex yet innovative strategies
Slide Construction and Design  
Interactive Case Session 
Presentation and Q&A tips 


We are pleased to support the Department once again on providing unique learning experiences from real cases and practical knowledge. The collaboration marks the last workshop of 2021, and we are glad to collaborate once again with one of our very first partners. May all the participants shine, and aim for the Stars.


Stargazers Consulting X HKFYG - HSBC Financial Dialogue Series: Fintech Challenge 2021 

Our trainer, Sonam W. was invited as a guest trainer to conduct a short but fruitful one hour workshop on Pitching an idea. Students had 48 hours to prepare and come up with a creative and innovative Fintech Idea at HKFYG, and pitching a solution in 3 mins is no easy feat. Sonam covered various skills and tips from delivering your idea effectively, making practical yet simple slides, and crafting a compelling and easy to understand storyline. Apart from the skills, he also shared his previous winning experiences and helped students better prepare for the Q&A section to win the heart of the judges. 

We are pleased to cover a Fintech Hackathon workshop for the 60+ participants, we wish all the participants and finalists teams luck in their presentation. 


Stargazers Consulting X CUHK Career Centre: Mastering the Case Study and Presentation in the Working World 

Our workshop has attracted more than 70+ participants across majors and years, both postgraduates and undergraduates. Our trainer, Sonam W. covered 7 major aspects
1. Why are Case Studies relevant to students?
2. How do Case Studies work?
3. Approaching Case Studies
4. Dissecting a Case Study
5. Coming up with Solutions for Case Study
6. Preparing for a Case Study
7. Presentation Tips

The 2-hour workshop included not only an introduction to case studies, but also personal experience sharing and two interactive cases for students to learn from as an example. Last but not the least, attendes were also given 20 mins to work on a real case study with other students on the spot to gain first-hand experience of acing a case study.

We are pleased to support CUHK Career Centre on providing students real and interactive experiences, and to improve the performances of students in case study. We wish all the students luck in their assessment centres and case studies.


Stargazers Consulting X Hong Kong Baptist University Career Centre 3-Week Workshop Recap

We’ve partnered with HKBU Career Centre to conduct a 3-week workshop on Hackathons covering the fundamentals to coming up with new ideas and finally presenting their solution. We were happy to greet more than 200+ participants across all 3 workshops. 

Workshop 1 Introduction to Hackathon: Our trainer, Sonam W. covered what hackathons are, some examples of hackathons from global competitions, job hackathons and other forms of hackathons. Tips and skills to better prepare students for their first Hackathon were also taught, followed by finding the perfect team for it and working well in small groups. 

Workshop 2 Rapid Ideation: Our trainer, Michelle Ho covered the essentials of Design thinking, using a step-by-step approach and coming up with ideas for their hackathon within a short period of time. On the other hand, Sonam W. used a different approach by using frameworks to help student brainstorm and come up with concrete strategies. Both trainers shared their personal experiences as well. 

Workshop 3 Pitch for Success: Our trainers, Sonam W. and Michelle Ho covered a wide range of topics to help students better prepare for the “big day”, their pitch to audiences and judges. Short phrases and techniques were covered for attendees to learn from, covering the very fundamentals to advanced skills. Body expression, standing in a good posture and non-verbal skills were covered. Last but not the least, trainer Michelle also did a 5-min pitch for the many HKBU students to learn from.

We are glad to have hosted the 3-week workshop with HKBU, as Hackathons are becoming more and more prominent for competition purposes, or even job recruitment. We believe the 3-week series will enable students to ace their next interview, job hack or competition.


Stargazers Consulting X CUHK Business School Academic Cup Workshop Recap

The Academic Cup is a flagship 48-hours case competition program held annually by CUHK Business School, in which participants are required to crack a case, come up with solutions and present their ideas. We are proud to support this year’s Academic Cup Training held on September 23 and 28 by trainer, Sonam W. It was well received with more than 120+ participants from CUHK across majors and years. 

The first training covered topics from dissecting an academic case from scratch, interpreting the 10-15 pages of information to understanding an industry in a short period of time. The training equipped students with the fundamentals from time control, team work research skills, industry understanding and business concepts and terms. Students have gained the fundamental knowledge to case cracking through an on-the-spot case and a showcase of previous examples. 

The second training covered topics from the basics of PowerPoint from alignment, using icons to creating logical and compelling slides. The skills gained can enable students to bring it back to their courses and classrooms. Furthermore, presentation skills from storytelling, script writing, to presentation and preparation for Q&A through research and appendices were taught. 

We are glad to support tertiary institutions with workshops, trainings and programs to equip students with skills that can help them excel in and outside classroom. 


City University of Hong Kong, CityU Business Proposal and Competition Club Opening and First Training 

We are more than happy to be back for the First Training of our 2021-2022 Cohort. It was a pleasure to meet a lot of fresh and new faces from BPCC with more than 80+ attendees joining us physically and virtually. 

In the first training, our trainer Sonam W. briefly introduced the various international and local case competitions to join in the coming academic year. He has introduced the many essential skills for students to win their first case competition from ideation, strategy formulation, making slides to presentation. After that, he also shared his own personal experiences with how case competitions can greatly benefit students in academic courses, when applying for internships or jobs, and skills to be acquired.

Stargazers Consulting hereby expresses our gratitude, and we are more than happy to support and train a new batch of young and competitive talents from City University of Hong Kong. We look forward to seeing your growth and progress after a year with us. Remember to aim for the Stars! 

Screenshot 2021-11-17 144451.jpg

Hong Kong Metropolitan University Mastering Confident Presentations Workshop

Our principal speaker, Sonam W. had conducted an hour of workshop to the many HKMU undergraduate, postgraduate students and academic staffs on delivering confident presentations. 

Delivering Presentations can be difficult for the many introverted individuals, which the principal speaker, Sonam shared his experience from being shy on stage to articulating confidently. Apart from overcoming stage fright and presentation, skills and techniques were to taught to students, from crafting their storyline to practical skills to refine their presentations. 

Apart from storytelling and presentation skills, a wide array of scenario from self-introduction, job interviews, competition presentation and public speaking has also been covered in the workshop. 

We sincerely wish the workshop serves as a great first step to empowering students to be more confident presenters and craft their own story. Good luck to you all in the academic year ahead! 

Stargazers Business School BTS-01 (1).png

CUHK MiM 3-Day Workshop

Last week, Stargazers Consulting has hosted a 3-Day Workshop with CUHK MSc in Management (CUHK MiM). Sonam C. W. has introduced the various types of case competitions and provided slide-making and case cracking tips. Through demonstrating case cracking on 3 demo cases, the students have developed concrete understanding of case analysis, problem identification, and solution generation along with the application of the consulting frameworks. 

During the internal case challenge hosted by Sonam C. W., the fellow master’s students have demonstrated strong learning ability by incorporating the frameworks and tips into their presentations. We are proud to know that all teams have worked hard and are committed to providing the best presentation. We are certain that the students will become great case analysts in no time.

We sincerely wish the workshop serves as a great first step to approach case competitions, enabling students to develop a thorough understanding of case analysis, and empower them to construct effective and feasible solutions for the case companies. All the best and good luck to your incoming academic year!

Stargazers Business School MiM-01.png

 Stargazers Consulting X CUHK Business school MiM

Last Friday, Stargazers Consulting held a 3-hour training workshop for students studying in the Masters in Management Programme (CUHK MiM) at CUHK Business School. We covered topics from visualization and slide design, presentation techniques, and analysing judges’ perspectives with 2 on-the-spot demo presentations to better prepare the students for their Capstone Presentation held next month.

Our trainer, Sonam C. W. also shared a lot of tips and techniques from his case competition experiences to shed light on topics such as overcoming the fear of public speaking, being well-prepared for Q&A using appendices, and a personal reflection throughout his journey.

We were surprised by the number of questions and enthusiasm the students showed during the Q&A session. We sincerely hope the workshop would empower MiM students to excel and have great achievements in their upcoming Capstone Presentation to an Indonesian conglomerate. Look forward to seeing you all on stage and Good Luck!

Stargazers X CityU Department of Marketi

CityU Department of Marketing Training 

We were more than happy to conduct a 3-hour training for the 70+ undergraduate and postgraduate students from City University of Hong Kong. As it was a week prior to the university’s internal case competition. We would like to thank Dr. Selina Wan, Head of CityU Marketing for the invitation.

Sonam C. W. covered various topics from the basics of a case competition, slide making skills, presentation techniques and other essentials to better prepare students in the one-day event. Throughout the training session, the students have gained more insights to case competitions and broadened their knowledge in some of the essentials and things to beware of ranging from teamwork, collaborating effectively and others. We were more than happy to see many freshmen who are curious and passionate about competitions!

If your faculty, department, or society is looking into practical and tailored sessions for your students. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Stargazers Business School BTS-01.png

CUHK Business School Training 

The training series covered various topics related to project-based learning, with aims to provide CUHK students a better understanding and tips to excel. We were honoured to be invited by Professor Fred Ku, Assistant Dean of undergraduate studies from CUHK Business School to film a series of videos.

Sonam C. Wangchuk introduced topics from effective communication, presentation skills, and ideation. In light of student’s struggle with transitioning their knowledge gained from lectures to real-life projects, Sonam has also covered an important session that teaches students how to leverage on what they’ve learned in class to outside classrooms.

Ranita Tsz Yu Ma introduces topics from analysis, frameworks, and other methodology to analyse a problem and deliver a concrete yet effective solution for project-based learning. Ranita has compiled several solutions together with an example related to the CUHK campus for a better understanding.

Are you looking into practical training for your university, club, or department? Do not hesitate to reach out!

CUHK Career Center x Stargazers-01.png

CUHK Career Planning and Development Centre Sharing

From late-January to early-February, Sonam C. Wangchuk has conducted The Road to Champion Series sharing with The Chinese University of Hong Kong Career Planning and Development Centre. The series consisted of 3 sharing sessions: “Story of a CUHK Talent”, “Be a Professional Presenter (For Projects & Job Seekers)”, and “Be a Professional Presenter (For Competition Contestants)”, which aims to provide insightful knowledge and skills to CUHK students ranging from all faculties.

We would like to express our gratitude to CUHK CPDC for organizing the events. Looking forward to our next collaboration to empower more CUHK students on their career paths and unleash their potentials to pursue their dream careers!

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