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Our Training Services for Universities

Comparison for Services Provided to Universities

Long Term Programmes
Consulting exposure, or structured training programme
From 3 months to 12 months
Workshop Series
Thematic series of workshops for career development, case solving, and entrepreneurship
Less than 3 months
Training Sessions
Individual training session with a specific focus

Long-Term Programme

Long-term programmes aim to contribute to the whole person development of the student participants. They are designed to be recurring semesterly or yearly programmes with a cohort size of less than 50 students. There are two broad categories of programmes available, namely exposure-based and training-based.

Exposure-based programmes provide student participants an unparalleled experience by connecting them to the established external "client organizations", in which they are engaged in providing consulting advices to the organizations. Stargazers will lead the students throughout their consulting journeys, and provide admin support to the University. At the end of the programmes, students would be able to communicate confidently with business clients and develop feasible solutions with respect to the constraints in the real world. These would set the foundations for their career development. 

Training-based programmes provide structured training to student participants with numerous hands-on opportunities. The training would include the development of a broad range of skills essential to students' successes in their career, interviews, and competitions, such as analysis skills, PowerPoint slide writing skills, ideation skills, impact estimation skills, and presentation skills. At the end of the programmes, students are ready to represent the University on the stage of the prestigious competitions and jumpstart their career development.

The pricing of long-term programmes are project-based with a lump-sum quotation. Some extra services might be provided for free to facilitate the admin processes in the University. It is noteworthy that our quotation is based on our efforts and quality, instead of trying to make the most from your budget.

Case Study 2

A training-based programme has been structured for around 40 students from a case team of a University. Stargazers have provided training lectures with focuses on analysis, storylining, slide creations, ideation, modelling, presentation and Q&A. Multiple presentation simulations have been embedded into the programme to prepare student participants presenting their creative and feasible solutions on stage. Feedbacks are given to all presentation for students' improvements. 

Case Study 1

We have provided an exposure-based programme to around 30 students from a University. Students are divided into several teams and each of the teams, led by a Stargazers trainer, works on a consulting project with a real-world organization. The engaged external organizations are all operating on a global scale and are featured on prestigious foreign magazines. After the student teams have their ideas and presentations ready, they are given the exclusive opportunities to present to the managers of the organizations. 

Workshop Series

Workshop series aims to equip student participants with skills from a specific theme. Such themes could be career development, entrepreneurship, and case cracking. Other themes are also available upon request and Stargazers will tailor the workshops in the thematic series. Usually, the series includes 2 to 8 workshops within three months, serving 20 to 100 students for each workshop depending on the frequency of interactive elements. These numbers are approximations and they are flexible to suit your needs. 

The workshop series is priced based on hourly rate. The Board of Stargazers has mandated that the hourly rate should be 4-digit in HKD, and Stargazers will automatically decline all invitations with an inferior rate. This mandate is set to reflect our quality and efforts for preparing the workshops. It is noteworthy that our pricing is only based on our efforts, i.e. we do not charge based on the number of students joined the workshops. However, we discourage excessive number of student participants in interactive workshops for better experiences. 

Case Study 3

We have delivered a workshop series with the theme of hackathon for career development to around 100 students from a University. Three workshops have been included in the series to teach students the basics of hackathons, rapid ideation and strategic thinking, and how to pitch successfully. During these workshops, industry-specific cases, recent trends, and the handling of challenging questions have also been covered for students to apply the knowledge right after class.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are delivered on an one-off basis with a sharp focus on a specific topic. It is possible to take less than two weeks from the first meeting between your team and Stargazers to the delivery of training session. These sessions are all designed for a lecture hall setting and ready for amassing 50 to 200 students. The following list of topics is for reference only, many other topics are also available upon your request:

  • Career development

    • CV writing ​

    • Interview skills

    • Case-based interviews

    • Business practices 

  • Case Competitions

    • Introducing case competitions

    • Creating competition decks (slides)

  • Presentation

    • Verbal presentation and slide writing skills​

    • Written proposal writing skills

  • Entrepreneurial ​

    • Startup journey walkthrough​

    • Ideation and pitching to investors

    • Entrepreneurial finance

Similar to the workshop series, training sessions are priced on hourly rate. The 4-digit hourly rate mandate applies and again we do not charge based on the number of student participants (the price is the same for 100 and 150 students). However, we strongly recommend you to inform us regarding the target number of student participants to facilitate our preparation of training materials. 

Case Study 4

We have hosted a training session for around 120 students from a University with the topic of excelling in case competitions. Fundamentals including information extraction from the 10 to 15 pages of case material, understanding a new industry within hours, time control, and business concepts were taught. Student participants have been equipped with the essential knowledge to crack their first formal case and embark on their journey of case competitions. 

We Provide Exemplary Services 

We offer training programs, partnerships and consultations to universities and secondary schools. Stargazers empower students by enhancing their knowledge and gain practical skills. We aim to be the pioneer in delivering quality yet comprehensive solutions to complement education and on-the-job skills whilst democratizing access to knowledge. This is why we never charge students.

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