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HKICPA Business Case Competition 2021 Tips Sharing

💭 Understanding what reviewers want

· Make your report clean and informative, yet insightful.

· Maintain a balance among analysis frameworks & management models, financials & accounting, and feasible & creative ideas.

🔍 Choosing the right strategy

· Read through the case material and choose wisely, with the help of secondary research, industry trends and data to support your strategy.

· Be prepared to justify your direction in your report.

📊 Believe in your judgments

· Support your strategies by backing up with facts or logical explanations.

📝 Observe and learn

· It is important to learn from previous winners, take reference on them if the components are useful.

· There are components that you must include: Analysis, Competitors Research, Timeline, Financials, Ethics, etc.

💡 Idea is key

· The judges emphasize heavily on the feasibility and creativity of the ideas.

❌ Don’t blindly follow others

· The structure of a report can be used to enhance the story-telling factor, allowing judging panel to have a clearer understanding on our projects

💼 Understand Your role

· Remember to follow the specified role

· The tone and wordings should reflect your role and professionalism.

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