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Dive Into the New Age of Student Empowerment

Our Services for Secondary Schools

Long-Term Programmes

Long-term programmes aim to contribute to the whole person development of the student participants. They are designed to be integrated into the curriculum. There are two broad categories of programmes available, namely project-based and simulation-based. They can be restructured into summer intensive programmes.

Project-based programmes provide student participants an unparalleled experience by challenging them to create and present an entrepreneurial or a new business proposal. Stargazers will teach students how to research and analyze the background information, brainstorm actionable ideas, prove their proposals’ feasibility, and estimate their project impacts. At the end of the projects, the student groups would present their ideas with PowerPoint slides or in a booth setting, and fully understand the idea initiation and validation processes which are essential in every project, company, and industry.  

Simulation-based programmes equip students with the career knowledge in a specific spectrum of industries by challenging them to propose a plan under a specific scenario. The scenarios could include those in the marketing, finance, consulting, analytics, and other industries. Stargazers will teach students the essential knowledge that navigate them through the scenario, and the trends, sub-industries, and career opportunities available in those industries. At the end of the programmes, Stargazers will also introduce the post-secondary paths that enable students to join those careers in the future. 

Workshop Series

Workshop series aims to equip student participants with skills and knowledge from a specific theme. Such themes could be career development, entrepreneurship, case analysis, and personal development. Other themes are also available upon request and Stargazers will tailor the workshops in the thematic series. Each series will include 3 - 5 workshops with each serving 20 - 100 students.


For example, for the theme of career development, we may suggest the sessions “CV writing and how to enrich your CV”, “Introduction to (banking / finance / marketing / tech / conglomerate / others, each corresponds to one session) industry and post-secondary paths leading to such career”. For the theme of entrepreneurship, we may suggest the sessions “ideation and validation”, “business strategy formulation”, “proposal and presentation”, and “impact estimation”. The topics of each theme could also be tailored, and we will provide our professional comments for your reference.


The workshop series is priced based on hourly rate, which should be 4-digit in HKD, and Stargazers will automatically decline all invitations with an inferior rate. This mandate is set to upkeep our quality and efforts for preparing the workshops.


It is noteworthy that our pricing is only based on our efforts, i.e., we do not charge based on the number of students who joined the workshops. However, we discourage an excessive number of student participants in interactive workshops for better experiences.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are delivered on a one-off basis with a sharp focus on a specific topic. It is possible to take less than two weeks from the first meeting between your team and Stargazers to the delivery of a training session. These sessions are all designed for a lecture hall or classroom setting and ready for amassing 20 to 100+ students.

The following list of topics is for reference only, many other topics are also available upon your request:

Career Development:

  • CV writing / CV Clinic

  • Interview skills

  • University programmes consultation

  • Career opportunities at a glance


  • Startup journey from zero​

  • Lean Canvas

  • Ideation and pitching

  • Social entrepreneurship

Case Competitions & Presentations:

  • Strategy formulation

  • Research and insights

  • Verbal presentation and storytelling

  • Financial modelling and projections

Skills Enhancement

  • Proposal writing skills

  • Excel analysis and PowerPoint slide making skills

  • Design thinking

  • Skill development for the future world

Like the workshop series, training sessions are priced on hourly rate. The 4-digit hourly rate mandate applies and again we do not charge based on the number of student participants (the price is the same for 20 and 50 students). However, we strongly recommend that you inform us regarding the target number of participants to facilitate our preparation of training materials.

We Provide Exemplary Services 

We offer training programs, partnerships and consultations to universities and secondary schools. Stargazers empower students by enhancing their knowledge and gain practical skills. We aim to be the pioneer in delivering quality yet comprehensive solutions to complement education and on-the-job skills whilst democratizing access to knowledge. This is why we never charge students.

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