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One step closer to the Star

We provide training and advisory services for your students to excel in case competitions, career, and entrepreneurship.

Unleash Students' Potential

We offer long-term programmes, workshop series, and training sessions to universities and secondary schools. We never charge students directly.

Long-Term Programmes

Recurring semesterly or yearly programmes designed for developing your students' entrepreneurial and consulting skills, helping them bring home the trophy in case competitions and increasing their exposures to the business world through hands-on experience. 

Training Sessions

One-off training session with a sharp focus on one particular topic (e.g. CV writing, interviews, assessment centre simulations, case studies, presentations, business etiquette) that can amass a large audience of students for efficient knowledge empowerment.

Workshop Series

A series of workshops, conducted within three months, that focuses on themes such as career development, case simulations, hackathons, consulting skills training, and tech entrepreneurial training. 

Who We Are

Our Story – We are a group of young professionals passionate about case competitions, consulting and entrepreneurship.

More and more students are captivated by winning case competitions and establishing their own startups and social enterprises. With the number of young and competitive talents on the rise, a push on network and training is no doubt a game changer. We therefore found Stargazers Consulting to help students reach their potential.

With rich experiences from over 50+ local and international case competitions, MBB consulting experience and start-up fund pitches from our founders, as well as our previous traction in providing training services to universities, we are committed and confident in our role accelerator and support for the many aspiring talents. The next one, may be you.

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Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Empower?

We bring your students one step closer to the star. We care who they will be, not who they were. 

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