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We provide training and advisory services for you and your students to excel in case competitions, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

Our Story – We are a group of young professionals passionate about case competitions, consulting and entrepreneurship.

More and more university students are captivated by winning case competitions and establishing their own startups and social enterprises. With the number of young and competitive talents on the rise, a push on network and training is no doubt a game changer. We therefore found Stargazers Consulting to help students reach their potential.

With rich experiences from over 50+ local and international case competitions, MBB consulting experience and start-up fund pitches from our founders, we are committed and confident in our role accelerator and support for the many aspiring talents. The next one, may be you

Unleash Your Potential

We offer training programs, partnerships and consultations to universities, secondary schools and corporates.

Thematic Semester Course

Inspire students with real business cases, empower them to create and present innovative ideas, and help them in developing a strategic mindset.

Consulting Experience

An unparalleled experience in advising client companies with students' skills and expertise, setting the foundations for their career development.

Business Case Competition Team

Set the foundation to systematically recruit, train, organize simulations and nominate student teams to represent the university to compete against other high institutes.

Personal Coaching

Boost students' presentation skills, fill in the knowledge gap and improve their chance of winning or advancing to the next competition round.

Standalone Workshops

Flexible workshops to help equip students with advanced problem-solving, entrepreneurial, case competitions, and presentations skills.


Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Succeed?

We bring you one step closer to the star. We care who you will be, not who you were.