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Thematic Semester Course

The following thematic lecture series could be delivered in form of credit-bearing courses or semester-long faculty or club activities. There are three themes available:


  1. Entrepreneurship 

  2. Case Cracking

  3. Management Consulting 


These thematic series aim to inspire students with real business cases and updated market information, empower them to create and present innovative ideas, and help them in developing a strategic mindset. As the nature of the themes are drastically different, students can take all three courses concurrently with no duplicating content. 


Each lecture is expected to be 3-hour. Adjustments to curricula would be made if the class time is reduced or extended. 

Consulting Experience

This consulting experience is designed to provide students an unparalleled experience in advising client companies with their skills and expertise. Our trainers will act as the Engagement Managers and the points of contact for the client companies. All sessions are highly interactive in consistent with the norm in the consulting industry. Students will experience consulting in an environment protected by Stargazers. At the end of the training programme, students would be able to communicate confidently with business clients and develop feasible solutions with respect to the constraints in the real world. These would set the foundations for their career development. 
With the unique nature where external companies are involved, Stargazers team will actively assist the consulting teams for quality assurance. Pre-onboarding and reporting services are also included in this service package. 

Business Case Competition Team

Participation in competitions provides students with unparalleled learning opportunities and honours to the school both from a local and a global perspective. A university case competition team sets the foundation to systematically recruit, train, organize simulations and nominate student teams to represent the university to compete against other high institutes. Stargazers Consulting is experienced in organizing and coaching school team members with the following provisions:


Recruitment: Pre-interview workshop, screening and interviews


Training: Year-long weekly or bi-weekly courses covering the case-cracking methodology (please see below for details)


Private Consultation: Regular and/or competition-based small team consultation (1 trainer : 4 members)


Logistics: Attendance, feedback collection, communication

Nomination: Internal case competitions/ simulations with detailed markings and feedback to nominate teams that represent the university or secondary school in local and international case competitions.

Standalone Workshops

Workshops of flexible format and duration can be held to equip students with different skill-sets. Depending on students’ interests and needs, the following workshops may be both one-off or in short series (~2-4 weekly workshops). Some examples include: 


  1. Problem Solving 

  • Problem identification (social and/or business)

  • Solution ideation

  • Basic financial understanding


  2. Entrepreneurship 

  • Start-up journey walkthrough

  • Ideation

  • Pitching

  • Entrepreneurial financials 


  3. Case Competitions 

  • Introduction to case competitions

  • Case-cracking (Analysis, Recommendation, Implementation)


  4. Presentation 

  • Verbal presentation

  • PowerPoint Presentation design

  • Written report structure and practical

Personal Coaching

Personalized and tailored services can be provided to groups or individuals who are high potential, driven and have made it to semi-finals or finals of a competition. This aims to boost their presentation skills, knowledge gap and improve their chance of winning or advancing to the next round. Each session is normally in 1-hour, and topics include: 


Presentation skills: 60-min consultation services that focuses on English-speaking, storytelling, team coordination, tips and tricks for verbal presentations


Proposal and PPT refinement: PPT and Proposals of finalists will be provided tailored services to improve visualization, content and delivery 


Q&A Mock Simulation: Intense and interactive session to provide students a stage-like experience 


Solutions Consultation: Students will be given additional thoughts to refine their proposal, and be provided with business considerations (for non-business majors) 

We Provide Exemplary Services 

We offer training programs, partnerships and consultations to universities, secondary schools and corporates. Stargazers provide individuals with more insights to enhance their knowledge and gain practical skills. We aim to be the pioneer in delivering quality yet comprehensive solutions to complement education and on-the-job skills whilst democratizing access to knowledge.